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With the escalating cost of real estate at the South Jersey shore, discriminating buyers need to be assured that the property they are purchasing has been evaluated by a licensed professional who can identify areas of concern. Home inspections help buyers understand the difference between minor, insignificant problems and more serious issues that may affect safety or comfort, or could adversely impact the value of their investment. Prospective buyers can feel comfortable knowing that Integrity Engineering will be able to identify true problem areas in a clear and concise manner using understandable language. Real estate agents, too, can rest assured that their client will not be overwhelmed with insignificant "cosmetic" items that do not materially affect the overall integrity of the building.


Commercial property buyers also need to be assured that the building they are planning to buy contains no surprises. A professional inspection by a licensed professional engineer can uncover problems that are not readily evident. Sophisticated heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, along with more complex structures, demands a competent inspection to thoroughly identify areas of deficiency.


If you are buying a property at the Jersey shore, visit www.shorebreeze.com, an information website for property owners and vacationers focusing on the coastal regions of Atlantic and Cape May counties. Shorebreeze.com contains a wealth of information on buying properties in, and living at, the shore communities from Cape May through Brigantine. Included are references to accountants, mortgage lenders, attorneys, real estate agencies and other professionals you'll need, plus local municipal property tax rates, taxpayer associations, and other useful local real estate-related items.

Isaac G. Lilienfeld, PE, CEM, NJ Licensed Home Inspector serving Atlantic and Cape May Counties

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