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Today's homebuyer wants to be confident that their dream house remains a dream after they buy it. As a buyer's agent, so do you. And with you as a listing agent, you want to be sure that you do not misrepresent the condition of a home you are marketing for your buyer. An experienced licensed home inspector can help buyer, seller and real estate agent either with a buyer's inspection or a pre-sale seller's inspection. It is important to note that real estate sales professionals will not be permitted to rely on information from unlicensed inspectors after December 30, 2005 when the period of "grandfathering" ends.

I would like to introduce you to my company, AtlantiCape Inspections, LLC, and let you know that I am available for property inspections in Atlantic and Cape May Counties. AtlantiCape Inspections, LLC, offers professional, high quality building evaluation services including residential/commercial property inspections and energy & utility consulting. Integrity is an outgrowth of my energy consulting practice, Endpoint Consulting, which I started in 1990 after many years of consulting with building owners. Besides performing numerous building inspections over the years, I have also personally participated in eighteen real estate transactions over the past fourteen years as buyer or seller, and in many cases taking the role of general contractor for residential construction and renovation projects that I undertook. AtlantiCape Inspections, LLC is a natural outgrowth of my existing professional consulting business and personal experience with the residential building trades.

Additionally, as a Licensed Professional Engineer and certified mold inspector, I will be able to offer your clients additional services or more in-depth evaluations of particular features of the home, however these services by state law must be offered separately from the home inspection. I am aware that some real estate agents may view a home inspection engineer as "overkill", that the inspection will be technically exhaustive and overly detailed, or that the home inspection fee for an engineer is likely unaffordable. To ease your possible concerns, please note:

Where I perhaps differ from other home inspectors is that:

You should note that while there are many individuals that hold themselves out as home inspectors, (as of July 2, 2004) there are only eight licensed home inspectors based in Atlantic or Cape May Counties; I am the only one who is also a licensed professional engineer. You can call the state at 973-273-8090 to confirm if the individuals you currently recommend are licensed in the State of New Jersey. My home inspector license number is 24GI00050500. To find out whether a particular home inspector is licensed to practice in New Jersey, you can search the state's home inspector licensee list by clicking here.

If you are representing the seller as listing agent, consider the benefits of having a pre-sale inspection of the property for your seller. By obtaining a report of the property by a home inspector licensed by the State, you fulfill one of the criteria to be exempted from the state consumer fraud regulation addressing an agent who unwittingly misrepresents the condition of the seller's home. Not to mention reducing the potential for last-minute unwelcome surprises (and settlement delays). Although the NJ Association of Realtors secured an amendment to the home inspection regulations in June allowing real estate agents to rely on information from unlicensed home inspectors until 12/30/05, why take a chance?

If you your office is located along the Jersey Coast in Atlantic or Cape May Counties, I hope to visit your office in the near future and introduce myself and my services. In the interim, I would welcome a phone call should you be interested in learning more about how I can assist you or your clients. I can be reached locally at 487-7757 or by cell/fax at (888) 272-6999.

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Isaac G. Lilienfeld, PE, CEM, NJ Licensed Home Inspector serving Atlantic and Cape May Counties

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